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Writer & Instructional Designer


Hi! 👋

My name's Jeremy Bauer, and I'm a writer and instructional designer with an MFA in Creative Writing. You can check out my published writing below + ✨a new writing project✨ I'm working on.

As an instructional designer, I manage an e-learning team at a Midwestern university where we build online courses in the arts, and in general help faculty use tech in their courses.

UX Writing & Design 〰️ ✍️ Learning JavaScript & Ruby ☕ ♦️ Spooky-fun stuff, like cryptids 🌲 👣 🌲, aliens that don't get weird about it 👽 ✨, werewolves riding on cars 🚗 🐺 , toxic wastoids ☢️ 💪, etc.Comics 💭💥
I've gathered my various social media profiles on this site, so feel free to reach out!

If you use Slack, you can chat with me via at:

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