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Jeremy Bauer


Maybe some other verb-ers would be good here...

Hmmm. Rider? Like roller coasters or horses. Or motorcycles.

Pretty cool 😏.

Maybe it's vague, though. And they've all almost killed me. That's not great.




Hi! πŸ‘‹

I'm Jeremy Bauer. I write, I joke, and sometimes people laugh at these jokes. But they'll only every admit to it once and never in front of other people.

Them's the breaks, I guess, so please:

Cut a different wire.


I've had fiction, nonfiction, and poetry published in various literary magazines, and I had a limited-run chapbook of poems published called The Jackalope Wars (now totally πŸ†“ online〰️). You can check out my work at the WRITING πŸ“– link below.

Moon Computer

On October 31st, 2017, I started ✨ an experimental fiction blog called MOON COMPUTER ✨ that I post on weekly. The Moon Computer appears in places computers shouldn't and primarily functions to collect data on all the world's weirdness, like mech-suits made out of mobile homes, teenage mages, monster girls investigating mysteries even though it's blah, and werewolves that love Dolly Parton and hate domestic violence.

Some Interests

UX Writing & Design 〰️ ✍️ Studying front-end development πŸŒˆπŸ’»Spooky-fun stuff, like cryptids 🌲 πŸ‘£ 🌲, aliens that don't get weird about it πŸ‘½ ✨, werewolves riding on cars πŸš— 🐺 , toxic wastoids ☒️ πŸ’ͺ, etc.Comics πŸ’­πŸ’₯

Business Stuff

Professionally πŸ’Ό , I used to manage an e-learning team building online courses in the arts. Before that, I worked at universities supporting ed tech users and working with developers on bug fixes, new features, and documentation.

Now I help people use design tech 🎨⚑ .


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to connect!

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